Get FirstTxt Alerts On Your Phone

Get FirstTxt Alerts On Your Phone

When you need to know, you need it on your phone.  Sign up for FirstTxt Alerts and get the info you need delivered to you as soon as it happens.

You choose exactly what you want…and only what you want.

Get breaking news alerts directly from Vermillion County’s Most Trusted Name in News, Bill Pickett, and AMBER Alerts when issued in our area.

Receive the daily forecast and be notified when severe weather strikes Vermilion County.

1490 WDAN
Stay up-to-date with important guests on Newsmakers, get updates on popular items coming to the Shopping Show, and find out about contests and events.

Be notified of upcoming contests and events, get updates about Tommy B’s Big Show, and find out where we will be during our Live Auction Broadcasts.

94.9 K-Rock
Be the first to know about local rock shows and concerts, and find out what’s going on with The Rock Nation.

Neuhoff Media
Get Fighting Illini Football & Basketball scores and updates, and even find out when the next radio auction will be.

Local Sports Scores & Info
Get the score from your favorite local High School team, the Danville Dans or even the DACC Jaguars.

School Closings/Delays & Notices
Be alerted when your school is closed, delayed, or dismisses early.

Change your carrier?

If you have been signed up for FirstTxt Alerts, but are changing your carrier and you want to continue receiving our messages, you will need to modify your membership for FirstTxt Alerts.

Cllick the sign-up button to the right and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Update Message Preferences / Unsubscribe”

On the next page, type in your mobile number and select your new carrier  … then click Continue.

You will receive a text with an authorization code to enter in the box in the next window.  Enter the code and click on Continue.

You can also modify your FirstTxt Alert selections during this process.

Continue to follow instructions until the process is complete