Early Voting for Illinois Primary is Delayed!

Early Voting for Illinois Primary is Delayed!

Objections to some Presidential candidates on the March Illinois Primary Election ballot are going to delay early voting and voting by mail.   Will Nesbitt, Executive Director of the Danville Election Commission, and Vermilion County Clerk Cathy Jenkins made the announcement.

Lindsay Light is the Supervisor of Elections for the County Clerk’s Office.  ‘’Due to several different Presidential objections, hearings won’t be completed for those until later in February,” said Light.  ”So Early Voting and Vote by Mail ballots are suppose to start going out February 4th.  And due to these Presidential objections they will not be available February 4th,’’ added Light..  ‘’We are expecting ballots to be available right around the 17th of February, and if they become available prior to that we will make sure that we let the voters know.’’

Light adds local election officials are going to have to wait for an official certification of the ballot.  ‘’Until the State certifies the final certification to us, letting (us) know what the status of these objections are –  we obviously don’t have a complete ballot,  just only in the federal section of the ballot.  Everything locally is done and O.K.’’ added Light, ‘’it’s just those Presidential candidates who are affected.’’

Election_equipment_Digitalscan_1021153_NesbittNesbitt says there is still a chance that they will have the ballots ready before February 17th, but he adds it is unlikely.  ‘’It’s very unfavorable that this is happening due to the closeness in dates between Presidential filing and objections,’’ says Nesbitt.  ‘’We would have loved to be prepared for Early Voting on February 4th,’’ he added, ‘’but this is out of our office’s control.’’  Once final certifications are received, Nesbitt adds his office will move as quickly as possible to finalize ballots, program machines and open for voting.

Voters seeking more information about Vote by Mail, Early Voting, or Grace Period Voting can call either the County Clerk’s Office at (217) 554-1911….or the Danville Board of Election Commission at (217) 554-1930.  Information is also available at eleccomm@vercounty.org or www.vercounty.org/coclerk.