Cooking Program Is Very Popular With Kids

Cooking Program Is Very Popular With Kids

Some middle school aged kids are getting a chance this week in Danville to sharpen their cooking skills.  And they are the lucky ones. A culinary arts summer class for kids is proving to be quite popular, according to Danville School District 118 Food Service Director Greg Lazzell.  ‘’We had so many kids who love to cook.  We probably had 350 applications for our 30 spots that we had – so overwhelming response! So it was something that we felt there was a need for, and we wanted to be able to offer the kids,’’ says Lazzell. ‘’And it’s something we’ve talked about investigating how we could implement something within the District.’’

The classes are being taught at Danville Area Community College where a culinary program offers classes for those who are older. Lazzell says the students attending the program this week are learning some valuable life skills.  ‘’And, especially in the summer months it’s the perfect opportunity for them to go and practice the things that they learn,’’ says Lazzell. ‘’It’s exciting to hear them come back in the next day and say ‘hey, I went home and made that pizza that we made for my Mom and Dad.’’’

Terin Reed is a Culinary Care Chef for the College Express Program at Danville Area Community College. He hopes the students will think about becoming a chef for a career. ‘’There’s a high demand for cooks and chefs because peoples eating out a lot more now days, because they don’t have time to sit at home and cook for their families because they have other things to attend to.  So eating out is much quicker and faster for them,’’ said Reed.

Reed is teaching the class this week for the District 118 program. It is one of many summer classes offered by Danville School District 118 and Danville Area Community College for kids.

[In the photos the students are preparing caramel banana bread pie.]