Partnership Helps Mentor Local Residents In Poverty

Partnership Helps Mentor Local Residents In Poverty

Some Vermilion County Board members are mentoring students in a program designed to help Danville Housing Authority residents develop life skills.  The residents are participating in a 15 week long program in a partnership involving the Housing Authority of Danville and Danville Area Community College.

Carla Boyd, Assistant Dean of Students Services at Danville Area Community College, explained to News how the program helps participants…

[County Board Chairman Mike Marron addresses members of the ‘Getting Ahead’ class Tuesday evening.]

The students were told by Vermilion County Board Chairman Mike Marron at last night’s meeting (on July 10th, 2018) that often people tend to believe that their voice doesn’t matter.  But Marron, who has helped mentor students in the class, says he believes members of the County Board do care about those who are struggling.

One woman in the class said she has had problems with a Danville landlord.  ‘’I shouldn’t have to live in mold,’’ said the woman.  Former Danville City Council member Nancy O’Kane who was at the meeting told the woman the first thing she should do is contact her aldermen ‘’and let them fight the battle’’.

Boyd says one of the things the students study is the causes of poverty….

The class is designed to help individuals in poverty build resources and skills to help them find a more prosperous life for themselves and their family.