Government Change Vote Drawing Closer

Government Change Vote Drawing Closer

A group promoting changing Danville to a city manager form of government says now is the time to focus on what will happen if the November referendum passes.  Jim Mulveney is a member of Moving Danville Forward….

Mulveney and some other members of Moving Danville Forward attended last night’s (August 7th, 2018) city council meeting. [Mulveney is shown standing addressing the council.]

Mayor Scott Eisenhauer says a proposed salary package will be discussed later this month during a meeting of the Danville City Council’s Public Services Committee….

Moving Danville Forward says is has full confidence in the 14 Aldermen to govern wisely and always have the best interest of citizens in mind.

Mulveney told city council members that if the referendum passes it will be the role of the aldermen to establish qualifications for the City Manager, conduct a search for the Manager, then hire the Manager as an at-will employee.  It will also be the duty of the aldermen to monitor the performance of the city manager and remove them if necessary.   But it all depends on whether the proposal to change Danville’s form of government is approved.

[Story posted by News Director Bill Pickett.]