Public Works Building to Bear Eisenhauer’s Name

Public Works Building to Bear Eisenhauer’s Name

Danville has the David S. Palmer Arena and the Robert E. Jones Municipal Building named after some past mayors.  And now former Mayor Scott Eisenhauer is being honored by having the City’s Public Works Building on East Voorhees Street named after him.

Thursday evening’s open house at the Turtle Banquet Center in Danville honoring Eisenhauer at times seemed more like a roast than an open house.  One of the speakers – State Senator Scott Bennett — recalled that on his first day in office he decided to drive to Danville to meet Mayor Eisenhauer.  Bennett said although he did not have an appointment, Eisenhauer invited him in and then proceeded to tell him about the Local Government Distributive Fund.  It was something Bennett knew nothing about at the time….

Danville’s new mayor, Rickey Williams Jr. thanked Eisenhauer for helping to mentor him….

Other gifts received by Eisenhauer (in addition to the building being named after him) included a DACC hoodie and a Jaguar Men’s Baseball Jersey from Danville Area Community College President Stephen Nacco, and some gifts from Danville School District 118.  Superintendent Alicia Geddis noted Eisenhauer had done a lot for the district as she recalled when he emceed the Midwest Classic Show Choir Competition for 12 straight hours.

Danville Public Safety Director Larry Thomason spoke in behalf of city staff members.  Thomason said Eisenhauer’s enthusiasm for this city ‘’was infectious.’’

Eisenhauer served nearly 16 years as Danville Mayor.  He left the position to become the new Rantoul Village Administrator.  Eisenhauer was only the second mayor who has served under the present form of government.