Danville Tax Levy Talks Continue

Danville Tax Levy Talks Continue

Members of a Danville City Council committee reviewed more options last night (Tuesday) for a new tax levy.  All three of the options take into account comments from the Supervisor of Assessments that he expects the city’s equalized assessed value will increase by 2.5 percent.

Mayor Rickey Williams Jr. is surprised by the position being taken by some aldermen….

Alderman Jon Cooper said he will not support raising the Public Safety Pension Fee, but will support raising property taxes a little.  But he adds it depends on how much.  Alderman Mike Puhr said he could support keeping the real estate tax unchanged, but said he is still ‘’iffy’’ on whether he would support a hike in the Public Safety Pension Fee.

Alderman Steve Nichols has some concerns about the proposals that were introduced at the meeting….

Discussions on the tax levy resume next week, but the City Council must approve a new tax levy by the end of the month.