Change Comes to City Hall Despite Vote Loss

Change Comes to City Hall Despite Vote Loss

Change came to Danville city hall this year, but it was not the change that some had sought.  The effort to change Danville’s form of government is among the top local news stories of 2018.  Doug Ahrens, the former Public Works Director for the City of Danville, was among leaders favoring the proposed change to a city manager form of government….

But Danville Alderman Lloyd Randle (standing in photo) was among those who strongly opposed the change….

In the end….Danville voters rejected the idea of having a city manager.

But as the possibility loomed that Danville would change its form of government, long-time Mayor Scott Eisenhauer decided it was time for a change.  He was offered and accepted the job of being Rantoul’s City Administrator….

And as he left the mayor’s office, Eisenhauer noted he was leaving some things undone….

City Council members selected Rickey Williams Jr. to serve as the new interim mayor.