Officers Cleared of Any Wrong-Doing in Death

Officers Cleared of Any Wrong-Doing in Death

Vermilion County State’s Attorney Jacqueline Lacy says she has concluded correctional officers at the Public Safety Building are not responsible for the death of an inmate.  Lacy says she has reviewed the events and circumstances in connection with the use of force to subdue Jaime Moore on August 1, 2018 and his death several hours later.

Illinois State Police conducted the investigation into the death after Moore was found unresponsive in a cell.  The investigation found that Moore had become combative with two correctional officers earlier that day when they attempted to move him from one cell to another due to flooding in a cell block.

State’s Attorney Lacy says an autopsy found that Moore did suffer superficial blunt force injuries to his body.  It also found Moore had severe coronary disease and a pathologically enlarged heart, both causing great susceptibility to a fatal cardio arrhythmia.  The cause of death is attributed to coronary artery atherosclerosis.  The toxicology report also showed that Moore was not under the influence of any illegal drugs.

Dr. Amanda Youmans, the Mclean County Coroner, conducted the autopsy and reviewed all reports regarding the investigation and also reviewed the Public Safety Building video.

Dr. Youmans concluded that Moore’s death was not connected to the altercation with the two Vermilion County Correctional Officers earlier in the day.

‘’Based on the totality of the circumstances, the force used was not excessive and had no connection to Moore’s death,’’ said State’s Attorney Lacy in a news release late Friday (December 28, 2018).

Based on Illinois law, the State’s Attorney added the officers ‘’were justified in the use of force based upon a reasonable belief that it was necessary to prevent great bodily harm to themselves or other officers and to effect the detention of Moore.’’

And after concluding the actions of the officers was justified, the State’s Attorney added she considers the case closed, and no charges will be filed.