Move of County Offices 99.9% Complete

Move of County Offices 99.9% Complete

The move of county offices into the Vermilion County Administration Building (formerly the federal court building) in downtown Danville is ‘’99.9-percent complete’’.   So says Vermilion County Board Chairman Larry Baughn.

He told members of the Vermilion County Board’s Finance and Personnel Committee last evening that a new generator has been placed outside the building.  And work on installing new security cameras is complete.

Baughn adds he would like to see some improvements in acoustics for the County Board meeting room.

Baughn also says police have used the former Vermilion County Courthouse Annex a few times for training.  County offices were moved from that building because of concern about the condition of the former Bresee Tower.  The City of Danville has closed the sidewalk in front of what is now Collins Tower because of concerns over bits of terra cotta which have fallen from the building in the past.  The new owners of Collins Tower have already taken action to address some of those concerns.

Also during last night’s meeting the committee re-elected Board member Steve Fourez to serve a chairman and Dr. Wesley Bieritz to serve as vice-chairman of the committee.  The full county board meets

Tuesday evening (January 8th) at 6:00 p.m.