Area Residents Cautioned About Shoveling Snow

Area Residents Cautioned About Shoveling Snow

With the snow hitting our area this weekend, many people will be out trying to clear their sidewalks.  But before you grab the shovel, OSF HealthCare is reminding citizens that shoveling can be dangerous – and even deadly.

More than 195,000 people are injured every year due to accidents from shoveling snow.  The risks include back or head injuries, broken bones, or heart attacks and strokes.

Dr. John Hafner of OSF HealthCare says while most people won’t have any problems shoveling snow…it is recommended that anyone 55 and older, or with a previous heart-related issue, get the okay of their doctor before shoveling or pushing a heavy snow blower.

Dr. Hafner says often the injuries while shoveling are caused by not using the proper technique….

Dr. Hafner says another danger with this type of weather is ice….

Dr. Hafner also reminds everyone to bundle up properly when heading outdoors, including wearing a hat and gloves and layered clothing under your coat.  He says prolonged exposure to the cold air can cause frost bite or hypothermia in a relatively short period of time.