Election Commission Issues Voter Reminder

Election Commission Issues Voter Reminder

Danville Election Commission Executive Director Sandy Delhaye has announced that the last day for residents of the City of Danville to register to vote (excluding Grace Period Registration) prior to the April 2, 2019 ,Consolidated General Election is March 5, 2019.


Registration is available in person at the Danville Election Commission office, by mail or online. A potential voter may print a copy of the Registration Application from the Commission’s website, www.danvillevotes.com. A person may also register at any Illinois Secretary of State’s license facilities if they are renewing a driver’s license or updating their address. You may also register online at www.ova.elections.il.gov if you have a current Illinois Driver’s license or State ID card. You must also give the last 4 digits of your social security number. Your registration will be processed and you will receive your voter card within 2 weeks of applying.


Residents unable to register to vote in person due to a disability and have no internet access may contact the Election Commission office at (217) 554-1930 for assistance. The Election Commission can arrange for in-home registration.


Illinois law also provides for Voting by Mail for persons who are disabled or incapacitated. Those who wish to Vote by Mail must have their signed request for a ballot in the office no later March 28, 2019. Early Voting in the Election Commission office begins February 21, 2019 and runs through April 1, 2019.


The City of Danville will also have the AutoMark Voter Assist Terminal available in the Danville Election Commission office, 201 N. Vermilion Street, Lower level of the Vermilion County Administration Building for any voter who needs assistance marking his or her ballot. The terminal accepts the digital or optical scan ballot, reads it to the voter, if desired, and marks it according to the voter’s instructions using either the touch screen or a directional keypad. The ballot is then returned to the voter to be inserted in the tabulator to be counted.


For additional information regarding these topics or any other voting issue, please call the Danville Election Commission office at (217) 554-1930.