Greyhound Connect Off to Good Start

Greyhound Connect Off to Good Start

The Greyhound Connect bus service which now comes to the Richard Brazda Bus Terminal in  downtown Danville is off to a good start according to Danville Mass Transit Director Lisa Beith.  The buses make a loop through central and north central Illinois en route to Chicago….

Beith says instead of taking that looped route, though, you can transfer to a bus in Champaign that takes you directly to Chicago.  The Greyhound Connect also provides return service to Danville.

Beith says the new service is also a good way to send packages….

Meanwhile Beith says ridership on DMT buses in Danville remains steady…

Beith told members of a Danville Area Transportation Study committee Thursday that she would like to be able to park more DMT buses inside.  The committee agreed to let the City of Danville decide whether $50,000 in planning funds will go toward studying the feasibility of getting more inside space for buses, or else spending the funds on a program to televise city sewers.

Danville Mass Transit Director Lisa Beith.  She says the outbound Greyhound Connect buses leave Danville each morning at 11:00 a.m.

A south-bound bus from Chicago is scheduled to arrive in Danville around 1:30 p.m. daily – seven days a week.