Couple Escapes Batestown House Fire

Couple Escapes Batestown House Fire

No injuries were reported in a fire which swept through a home west of Danville early today (Wednesday, March 13, 2019).    Assistant Kickapoo Fire Chief James Snyder says the original call said that something was burning in the Chapel Lane area off Batestown Road….

The modular home, located at 30 Chapel Lane, was completely destroyed by the blaze.

Snyder was asked whether firefighters had any problems fighting the fire, such as a shortage of water….

Units from the Lynch and Bismarck Fire Departments were among those assisting Kickapoo volunteer firefighters on the scene.  Arrow Ambulance and the American Red Cross also assisted.  [**Note:  You can click on the photos to enlarge them.]

Annetta Wynn and her adult son, Richard Snider, lived in the home and were both there when the fire broke out.  But again, they got out safely but lost all of their belongings. They also lost a pet cat.

Family members set up a collection to help them.  The family said items that were needed included large shirts for the female with size 14 to 16 elastic waist pants…and size 42-44 pants and extra large shirts for the son.  If you would like to assist the family with clothing (or other items) the number to call is (217) 516-1578.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.