Aqua Illinois Wins State Support for Solar Project

Aqua Illinois Wins State Support for Solar Project

Aqua Illinois Water Company is one of the local winners of renewable energy credits in a statewide lottery.  Aqua Area Manager Bob Ervin says the credits will help with development of a proposed solar project at the Water Plant on West Fairchild Street…

Some neighbors voiced concerns about the project during a meeting last night (Thursday) at the water company’s treatment plant.  Some neighbors along Logan Avenue and Westwood Place told company representatives they will be able to see the panels from their homes and fear it will devalue their property.  One said there are woods in his backyard now, and he does not want to look out and see metal.

Ervin says there would be a 100 foot setback from all neighboring property.  He adds all of the energy produced by the 2 mega-watt solar system will be directed to help meet the needs of the water treatment plant….

It is estimated Aqua will save $100-thousand dollars a year if the solar project becomes a reality.  The amount represents a little over 20-percent of the cost of electricity at the plant.

The company will need to obtain a Special Use Permit from the City of Danville…but the land is already properly zoned.  [The photo is of the Aqua Illinois Water Company Treatment Plant in Danville.]