Decision Impacts Media Reports to Public

Decision Impacts Media Reports to Public

A decision made eight years ago by the Illinois Attorney General is going to limit information being released by the local news media.  Danville Police Commander Chris Yates says a change should have been made back then to withhold personal information from accident reports that is released publicly.

The media can still get information on when and where accidents occur…and how they occur.  But only the names of persons involved are now being released – and no information regarding their address – including their city.  The Attorney General says it is ‘’an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy’’ to release certain information – including home addresses.

Neuhoff Media had not used specific street addresses for people hurt in accidents, and instead would report that the person lived in a certain block within a city.  Although the names of people involved in accidents are still being released by police, Neuhoff Media will not use those names because there is no way to determine their city, or age for that matter. 

           Commander Yates, who took over the duties of Danville Public Safety Director, says he has nothing against the news media.  But Yates added he must follow Illinois law.

Both Yates and Danville Mayor Rickey Williams Jr. told News that a complaint had been filed by a person who warned that immediate action needed to be taken to limit the information going to the media.