Storm Damage Raises Concerns About Con Artists

Storm Damage Raises Concerns About Con Artists

Thursday’s severe weather across parts of Vermilion County has authorities cautioning residents to watch out for scam artists.  The Vermilion County Emergency Management Agency says the type of damage that has occurred in our area often attracts con artists.

If you know or suspect you have roof damage make sure your repairs are done by a local company, suggests the agency.  It notes there are plenty of reputable companies around Vermilion County that can do the work.

[This photo was taken of a hailstone in Westville almost 2 hours after the storm passed through.  Note how it compares in size to the quarter next to it.]

Also check with your village or city hall to see whether companies making repairs are required to be licensed.  You can also check with friends or relatives to see what companies they have used for repairs or other work on their homes in the past.

Vermilion County EMA also notes you can do research on the company to make sure it is a legitimate business.

The hail which fell on Thursday was described as mostly pea to nickel-sized in northern Vermilion County.  But the local Emergency Management Agency received reports that some of the hail in the Westville area was ‘’baseball-sized’’.