Cherry Excited About DHS Principal Job

Cherry Excited About DHS Principal Job

A woman who has been selected to be the new principal of Danville High School got a rousing round of applause at last night’s (Wednesday’s) school board meeting.  Tracy Cherry hopes that community support will continue as she takes her new job….

‘’This is what Danville does. It takes you – it doesn’t matter where you come from – and they wrap their arms around you and they love on you, and they treat you like you were one of their own.  And you don’t want to leave,’’ said Cherry.  ‘’I have been here since 1990,’’ she added.


Cherry will be replacing former Danville High Principal Kim Norton who left to become an Assistant Superintendent in the Urbana School District.

Cherry has been the Principal at the Kenneth D. Bailey Academy in Danville since 2012.  She helped spearhead the creation of the Academy.

Cherry looks forward to her new job at Danville High….

‘’I’m excited for bringing back some of the traditions that I’m very much aware of.  And I want our students to have that great sense of pride and respect for their school,’’ said Cherry during the school board meeting.  ‘’And I know that is something I’ve always felt when I’ve walked in Danville High School.  And I want to feel that again, and I want to feel it strong – and I want our students to feel that,’’ she said.

And Cherry added just getting the opportunity to lead DHS was unexpected…..

‘’I’m more than excited.  I told them in the interview that when this position came open, I never thought that it would in the time before I might consider retiring.  And I just believe that God opened that door, and I knew that I was going to walk through it, and I was going to do everything I could to have this experience.  And I’m so looking forward to doing my best at Danville High School.’’

But Cherry added it is going to take the community and everyone who was sitting in the board room for it to happen.  Cherry added she realizes the support she has and is really looking forward to her new job.

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