Danville Police Find New Way to Fight Crime

Danville Police Find New Way to Fight Crime

Danville residences and businesses with security cameras will soon be asked to register them with the city.  Acting Police Chief Christopher Yates says the idea from one of his Commanders will enhance efforts to fight crime….

{Well I think it’s a pretty good idea,’’ said Yates. ‘’Commander Doug Miller came up to me and asked me what I thought about it.  And I said, well, get all the information and put something together and we’ll present it and see if it’s something that can work and apply for our community.’’}

Chief Yates notes officers often need information quickly when searching for suspects….

{‘’When we’re dealing with a serious crime – and it may be in the middle of the night – rather than knocking on everybody’s door and waking them up, it would give us information we can look at as far as specifically where do we need to go – or who do we need to contact to gather that information,’’ said Acting Chief Yates during an interview with Vermilioncountyfirst.com News.

Commander Doug Miller says residents and business owners will be able to register information about their security cameras through the City of Danville’s website.  But they are not yet ready to start taking that information.