Enhanced Danville Police Presence to Continue

Enhanced Danville Police Presence to Continue

New grant monies are going to sustain a higher police presence on the streets in Danville.  Acting Police Chief Christopher Yates says the money is coming from grant applications submitted years ago….

{‘’We just found out that we got a grant that was applied for in 2016 and 17 for 2017 and 18.  And it’s called a JAG Grant, which is a Justice Assistance Grant.  And that’s going to make it to where we can sustain the levels of enforcement,’’ said Chief Yates. ‘’And these are not just traffic enforcement.  These are not just for overtime.  None of it is to cover the minimum manning. This is for additional pro-active policing,’’ added Yates.}

Police patrols this summer were enhanced earlier thanks to a $25,000 gift from the Witzel family and the local McDonald’s restaurants.

Chief Yates was the guest on WDAN Radio’s News Makers program Thursday, and on another subject he said Wednesday’s efforts cracking down on speeding seems to have been successful….

{‘’Are the objectives to write tickets – no,’’ said Acting Chief Yates.  ‘’The objective is to slow people down and bring awareness. Whether it’s distracted driving, speeding, and many other issues that can cause traffic crashes.  Commander McCord was in charge of that detail.  He did a good job with it.  I believe we did do several stops and we did write multiple citations, but there were also written warnings, and verbal warnings.’’}

And Chief Yates added at least one person was taken into custody who was wanted on criminal charges.

[**The photo is of Danville Police Commander Doug Miller, on left, and Acting Chief Yates on WDAN’s Newsmakers program.]