V-MEG Offers Tips for Parents About Drugs

V-MEG Offers Tips for Parents About Drugs

Officers from V-MEG – the Vermilion County Metropolitan Enforcement Group – seized heroin and other items this week.  Scott Crawley, a Danville Police Officer who is assigned to V-MEG, talked about it during a forum at Danville Area Community College…

{”We did make a heroin bust. It was over three ounces, three-and-a-half ounces of heroin, along with some crack cocaine and a firearm.”}

Crawley listed the most prominent drugs that officers are dealing with in the Vermilion County area….

{”Crystal meth amphetamine and heroin. I would say those are the top two right now.”}

And if a parent is concerned that their child might be getting into drugs, Crawley described what to watch for….

{”I’d say change in behavior. I’d say that’s the big thing – change in behavior.  Ask questions (and) if you need to look around (in their room) look around,” said Crawley. “But I would say get into your kids’ lives and ask some questions as to why their behavior is changing.”}

And if someone sees a lot of vehicles stopping by a neighbor’s house at odd hours – and you suspect illegal drugs are being sold there, Crawley offered this advice….

{”If you see that type of activity and it’s suspicious to you, you can call Crime Stoppers (at 446-8477) and report this.  Or you can dial 443-1466 — that’s the number to VMEG. An agent will speak with you and we will be able to ask you more questions about the suspicious activity.”}

Crawley described his work with V-MEG as being very rewarding.