Hawthorne Inn of Danville Celebrates 2 Awards

Hawthorne Inn of Danville Celebrates 2 Awards

The Hawthorne Inn of Danville has brought home two statewide Excellence Awards from the Illinois Health Care Association.   Dr. Timothy Horner, Medical Director of the facility, received the 2019 Administrator’s Choice Award Friday afternoon, and Patricia Cash was named the Illinois Health Care Association Volunteer of the Year.

[Dr. Timothy Horner and Patricia Cash.]
Cash uses her musical talents to entertain residents at the Hawthorne Inn and elsewhere….

{‘’I’m just totally floored by all of this.  I love what I’m doing,’’ said Cash. ‘’And I love being around people and helping when I can. And it just makes me feel good, and it’s my healing from losing my husband, and my daughter and my parents.  And it just heals me to be to be able to be with people and help when I can,’’ she added.}

[Dr. Horner addresses the crowd Friday at the Hawthorne Inn.You can click on the photos to enlarge them.]

As Medical Director the past 14 years at Hawthorne Inn of Danville, Dr. Horner has been an integral part of the operation there.  Dr. Horner says he enjoys listening to the stories of the residents…

{‘’I was talking with a gentleman just a couple of days ago who fought in Okinawa in World War Two, and the stories that he brought out.  I’ve talked with the lady who was at this facility a few years ago who actually sewed the patches that went on the people that went to the moon,’’ said Dr. Horner.}

Jason Young, Village Administrator of the Hawthorne Inn and Liberty Village of Danville, says it is amazing to have two statewide winners…

{‘’When you think of the sheer volume of nominations that the Illinois Health Care Association receives with over 500 involved communities across the state, and the fact that they don’t limit the nominations to one per facility. Just thinking of the sheer volume and sheer numbers – it’s incredible that not only do we have one, but two individuals – particularly for the type of awards that they received,’’ said Young.}

The awards were announced as part of National Skilled Nursing Care Week.


[This story was written by Neuhoff Media Danville News Director Bill Pickett.  Got a news tip?  Give Bill a call at (217)-709-1245, or contact him at BillPickett@Neuhoffmedia.com.]