Danville Alderman Wants Casino Extension

Danville Alderman Wants Casino Extension

A veteran member of the Danville City Council is calling on fellow council members to extend the deadline for submitting plans for a casino.   Alderman Steve Foster says ‘’several of us, including myself, and many citizens have expressed a strong desire to make every effort to build the site downtown.’’

Foster notes Mayor Rickey Williams, Jr. has said there is insufficient space for placing the casino downtown, and that is why a steering committee has selected a site south of Interstate 74 at Lynch Road.

Foster (shown here on right) says it is his understanding that the City has been contacted by at least two other developers interested in placing a casino in Danville.  He says one wants to place it along the north side of Interstate 74 at Lynch Road and the other is proposing to build it in Danville’s downtown area.   Foster says a downtown proposal by one of the developers would address the River Front Walk project, and includes plans to address the Bresee Tower problem, too. (Bresee Tower is now known as Collins Tower.)

‘’There is no benefit to the City to prematurely cut off proposals,’’ said Foster as the City Council get prepared to listen to his suggestion tonight that the deadline for submitting plans be extended to August 31st.

Foster says he fears the east location will not likely or directly affect the riverfront or the downtown, ‘’and will not draw much attention from the gaming visitors.’’  And Foster says if the City is able to use city land, it will be able to be a partner on the casino with much more income to the city, in addition to taxes.

Foster says he only asks that a downtown location and any proposals for using city land be carefully reviewed before any final decision.  ‘’We only have one shot at this.  If we make a mistake it will be with us well beyond our Bicentenary Anniversary in 2036,’’ added Foster.

The City Council meets at 6 o’clock this evening at the Robert E Jones Municipal Building at 17 West Main Street.