State, National American Legion Leaders Visit Danville

State, National American Legion Leaders Visit Danville

Some Illinois and National American Legion leaders were in Danville tonight (Monday, August 5th).  They were gathering input on how veterans view the treatment they receive at the VA Illiana Health Care System.

Roy Weber, newly-installed State Commander of the American Legion, wants to hear how Veterans feel about the treatment they are getting….

{‘’(We) try to resolve any issues that may have, to make the veterans feel comfortable being served by the VA and being treated by the VA.  And that their staff is in tune with what we like to have the VA represented to help our veterans that need health care,’’ said Weber.}

The Illinois and National leaders from the Legion have been traveling around the country getting input from Veterans.  Monday night they met with Veterans at American Legion Post 210 in Danville as citizens were playing bingo in another room.


Tammy Barlet, Health Policy Coordinator for the Veterans Affairs in Washington, D.C., says what is being learned in Danville will be part of a report going to some national leaders – including President Trump….

{‘’Once these visits are over, I go back to D.C. and I take everyone’s notes that’s participated. And I come up with a report, and that’s exactly what I write in my report – the bad practices, the challenges, and then the Legion’s recommendations,’’ said Barlet. ‘’And these reports get compiled in an Annual Report which then gets on the desk of the President, the Secretary of the V.A., the Senate Veteran Affairs Committee, and then the House Veteran Affairs Committee,’’ said Barlet during an interview with News.}

The state and national American Legion leaders are spending time on the campus of the VA Illiana Health Care System talking with doctors, nurses and others as they gather information for their report.