Danville Leadership Conference Attracts a Crowd

Danville Leadership Conference Attracts a Crowd

Hundreds of people in Vermilion County have been attending a Global Leadership Summit hosted by Danville’s Second Church of Christ.

It began Thursday and continued today (Friday, August 9, 2019) featuring presentations from leaders from around the world via closed circuit video.

Drew Mentzer, the Senior Minister at the Second Church of Christ, says the presentations are designed to make those attending a better leader….

{‘’Everybody has influence. Not everybody is a CEO, or a president or a preacher or superintendent, but everybody has influence.  So what the purpose of the summit is to help us all learn how to better use our influence – how to be better leaders,’’ said Rev. Mentzer. ‘’And it makes a difference in homes, in schools, in communities, churches. It’s just been really an effective tool that we’ve benefited from both here at Second Church of Christ, and in the community of Vermilion County.’’}

This is the fourth year for the Global Leadership Summit in Danville, and Reverend Mentzer says two years ago there was a decision to form a local group called ‘Step-Up’ to address issues….

{‘’This is a group of business leaders, non-profit churches, community leaders who have come together to say ‘let’s deal with some of the problems that we have in Vermilion County.’ And we identified those problems as dealing with family issues – broken homes, dealing with the drug and alcohol problem, and also dealing with the problem of mental illness,’’ said Reverend Mentzer during an interview with VermilionCountyFirst.com News.  ‘’And so, as a result of that there’s a meeting that goes on every-other month. We have developed several programs here.  We’ve had guest speakers in.  We’ve developed a transportation system to help people who want to go into drug rehab get to where they need to go.’’}

Reverend Mentzer adds another thing that occurred out of the ‘Step-Up’ effort was a decision by OSF HealthCare to provide a detox center in Danville, and classes were also developed focusing on parenting and dealing with finances.

Those attending the Danville summit ranged from city and county leaders and school superintendents and some teachers, to representatives from local industries, medical facilities and several churches.


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