Danville Still Sorely in Need of Rain

Danville Still Sorely in Need of Rain

The Danville area is still sorely in need of rain after missing another chance for it Sunday night.  Many lawns have turned tan and cracks have developed in some of them.

Cracks have developed in some yards in Danville as the dry weather continues.

Parts of central Illinois and Indiana got drenched with rain last night as some strong storms moved through the region.  But the storms tracked south of Danville.

According to VermilionWeather.com it has been five days since Danville received any measurable rain.  Over the last week only .012 inches of rain has fallen in Danville.

Our area was under a tornado watch until 3 o’clock this morning, but we received no reports of damage in our area.

>>>>UPDATE:  Danville finally got some light rain today – Monday, August 13, 2019.<<<<