Missing a ‘King’…the Mission Continues

Missing a ‘King’…the Mission Continues

The Three Kings of Peace were back…greeting students as they arrived at North Ridge Middle School in Danville Tuesday morning.  But as the new school year began North Ridge Principal Eliza Brooks noted…

{‘’We’re missing a King this year, and we’re pretty sad about it, but we know that his legacy will live on,’’ said Brooks. ‘’And the kids know how much he meant to them.  But just knowing this morning – I got on the radio and I said ‘Hey – my Kings up there?’ And the radio back was ‘Yes, they’re here’.’’

Nate ‘BoBo’ Smalls who was one of the Three Kings, died on July 9th.  Reverend Frank McCullough and Edward Butler – the other two Kings of Peace – were back at North Ridge greeting students as they arrived….

{‘’Just knowing that they’re there puts me at ease ‘cause it’s a spot that I know they know how to handle that area,’’ said Brooks. ‘’They treat my parents with kindness and respect, and the kids look forward to seeing them every morning. They greet them with smiles, and handshakes, and encouragement.  And in these days and times that’s what our kids need.  They need to see positive role models standing up for them and taking time out of their private lives to come and help us out,’’ said Brooks during an interview with VermilionCountyFirst.com News.

Ed Butler, one of the Three Kings, said it felt good to be back….

{Our aim and our goal is to make sure that our kids are safe – especially on the first day of school. And as long as the breath is still in us, we’re going to be around our schools because we love our kids,’’ said Butler.}

Reverend McCullough notes they also talk to students inside the school…

{‘’One of the valid things that we do with our young folks is tell them to love two people during the day. Just tell two people that you love them,’’ said the Reverend.  ‘’That way everybody can get along,’’ he said.  ‘’And if we start projecting that word ‘love’ we won’t have all this chaos that’s going in our schools. That’s what we’re trying to do at this level.  We’re trying to start here at the middle school so it can filtrate on up to the high school.’’}

The Three Kings of Peace also go to other Danville Public Schools – including Danville High School – as they spend over six hours a day talking to students. They have been doing it for nearly five years.

[*NOTE: You can click on the photos to enlarge them. In photo above Butler is on left, North Ridge Principal Brooks is in middle, and Reverend McCullough is on the right.]


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