Six New Danville Police Candidates Selected

Six New Danville Police Candidates Selected

The Danville Board of Fire and Police Commissioners has selected six new candidates to join the city’s police force.  Acting Police Chief Chris Yates says the candidates still have a number of steps to go through….

{”That will go through the process, and then pending psychological and physical examination then they will be appointed,” said Yates. ”We’re looking sometime in the area of September 11th for swearing-in, and then the academy starts on the 16th. The 15th I believe they have to report, and then they will be there for their 14-week basic (training).”}

Chief Yates notes there have been extra officers on the streets this summer thanks to some citizens stepping up with funds.  Those funds were going to run out this fall, but Yates says some grant monies will allow the enhanced patrols and special programs to continue…

{”So that’s going to pick up where we were just finishing up in October. We were able to extend it out through August (2020),” said Acting Chief Yates. ”And then come September we will start utilizing those funds. They’re not local tax dollars. They are federal grants and also state grants.”}

The Acting Chief has a meeting scheduled with Commanders today (Wednesday) to plan for future police programs…

{”It’s more of a long-term plan – about a five year plan involving special units, not just the POP (Problem Oriented Policing) Unit.  I think everybody will be somewhat surprised when we have all of our guys out on the street (and) trained and ready to go with some of the ideas that we have,” said Yates during an interview with News.}

Mayor Rickey Williams, Jr. had requested the appointment of six new police officer candidates.  He says two of them will fill vacancies, and the other four will bring the department up to its authorized strength of 62 sworn officers.