Carle Development News Spreads Quickly

Carle Development News Spreads Quickly

The woman who owns a small restaurant near where Carle plans to build its new Danville medical complex says she welcomes Carle’s announcement.  Zina Marie Garza owns Leon’s Diner on Madison Square.  She reacted Wednesday to the news that Carle plans a $50-million dollar development across from the diner…

{”I think it’s going to be great. It’s going to clean-up the neighborhood and get rid of all these old, abandoned houses.  And I think it will liven Danville up, hopefully,” said Garza.}

Garza expects her restaurant likely will benefit from having Carle as a new neighbor…

{”I’ll probably be more busier.  People tell me to expand – but no, this is big enough,” said Garza laughing.}

Leon’s Restaurant has been operating along North Logan Avenue in Danville for decades.  Several customers there were anxious to learn details Wednesday about the project that is coming across the street.

Carle announced Wednesday that it plans to consolidate its Danville medical clinics on a new campus west of Gilbert Street and south of Madison Street.