Spin-Off Jobs Expected from Carle Complex

Spin-Off Jobs Expected from Carle Complex

Mayor Rickey Williams Junior expects Carle’s announcement about plans for a $50-million dollar medical complex in Danville will likely help create new jobs….

{”From what I understand, the hope is that they’ll have more specialists and more specialty services. If you have more specialists and more services – you have to have additional nurses. You have to have additional office and other professional staff to support that,” said the Mayor. ”So I do believe that this will certainly increase the number of positions in the long run,” he added.}

Carle announced it plans to consolidate its current Danville facilities and develop a medical campus between Logan and Gilbert on about 17 acres of land.

Mayor Williams says it is exciting times for the city….

{”Between this, the casino, and then the Fischer.  The Fischer Theater opens a month from today. That’s what I said, it’s a new day in Danville and I’m just ecstatic to see the progress that we’re going to make over the next several years,” said Williams.} 

Carle has been leasing the building on Fairchild Street since 2006.  The lease will conclude and provide an opportunity for new use.  The facility on North Vermilion Street will be available for sale, and Carle Arrow Ambulance Services will relocate to the new campus.