DACC Turns to Gaming as Recruiting Tool

DACC Turns to Gaming as Recruiting Tool

Danville Area Community College is planning to use gaming to attract more students.  DACC is among the state’s first community colleges to plunge into the virtual-reality world of eSports.

Laura Hensgen is the Director of Community Education and Video Production at Danville Area Community College.  She has been looking into eSports…

{”This coming up semester we will be recruiting eSports athletes. They will be competing in online games,” said Hensgen. ”We’re going to have both a club sport and we’re also going to have a competitive team, where those competitive teams can go out there and compete against other colleges and universities.

This coming up week we have meetings with Illinois Wesleyan, as well as ISU.  And in September we have meetings with the U. of I. to hopefully establish some games coming up in this semester, as well as the spring semester.”}

Hensgen says eSports can help attract students….

{”We look at eSports as a big recruiting tool for the college,” said Hensgen. ”You know almost everywhere you turn the kids are playing video games.  Well, you know they’re sitting in their basements playing these video games, well they can turn this into a way that they can go to college. Hopefully soon we will be offering tuition waivers to the college for eSports athletes.  You know, get your college paid for — participate on the eSports team — that’s a great way to get your college paid for,” added Hensgen.

But DACC Trustee Dr. Ronald Serfoss questioned last night whether students would be participating in violent games.  Serfoss said he thinks it is important that the college not be identified with condoning violence.


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