Rep. Shimkus Hears Trade Showdown Concerns

Rep. Shimkus Hears Trade Showdown Concerns

Congressman John Shimkus says he thinks some of the national media is trying to say President Trump is going to lose rural America because of the continuing trade showdown with China.   But Shimkus is confident that won’t happen…

{‘’There’s no way President Trump is going to lose rural America. Our producers, I’m going to use a term Darin LaHood, Congressman from Peoria used – his producers are ‘Americans first, farmers second’.  And they’re behind the President,’’ said Shimkus.  ‘’I mean I don’t know how more clearly we can say that.  Now, would they be more comfortable if they had some of these other issues fixed? The answer is ‘yes’, but for the national media to spin this story that they are not behind the President – that’s a false narrative.’’}

Representative Shimkus adds, though, that many farmers and others are concerned about the trade showdown with China.  Shimkus visited a cabinet maker’s shop in Arthur Wednesday and heard how trade rules are impacting that business…..

{‘’They showed me all of this environmental stuff that they’re required to do under the law, to be good actors – comply with the rules.  Their competitors don’t have to do that,’’ said Shimkus. ‘’So how is that fair and free trade if they can then sell their cabinets over here at lower costs, because they’re not complying with the rules and regs that we force our manufacturers to do?’’}

The Congressman was commenting during a stop at the Neuhoff Media studios in Danville.  He was accompanied by Kent Markley, a junior at Mahomet-Seymour High School.  When asked what he wants to do for a career, Markley said, ‘’I want to do what he (Shimkus) does.’’  Markley (shown beside Rep. Shimkus in the photo) was job shadowing the Congressman.