D.H.S. Freshmen Participating in National Pilot Program

D.H.S. Freshmen Participating in National Pilot Program

A Pre-AP Pilot Program at Danville High School has freshmen teachers concentrating on getting students to tackle more rigorous assignments in Science, English, and Social Studies.  Associate Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Yacobi (shown in photo) says Danville High was selected by the College Board to participate in the pilot program….

{‘’How will we know this had an effect?  Well, we’ll know based on what our teachers tell us as to how the students are performing in the classroom, how their grades are progressing,’’ said Dr. Yacobi, ‘’how the students feel about being able to work through the curriculum – because what we’re asking our students to do is different.  And it is more rigorous.’’}

The College Board also wants to know how District 118 is assessing those students….

{‘’How are we using online resources and performance tasks, and ways of developing assessments?  All of those pieces are put into place for all students – not just honor students and A.P. students, and students that are academically perhaps already being super-successful,’’ said Dr. Yacobi. ‘’But if we do these efforts for all students in the Freshmen core classes, will it have an effect on their ability – as they rise through the curriculum – to be able to take on more-and-more complex tasks?’’}

District 118 Curriculum Director Mary Ellen Bunton says teachers were a little apprehensive when they first heard about the pilot program.  But now she says they are excited about it and meet every month to discuss it.

Letters were sent home informing parents of Danville High freshmen about it, and it explained students may struggle a little initially.  But both Bunton and Dr. Yacobi say supports are in place to help students with the more rigorous class work.