Thoughts Shift on Limiting Danville Gaming Parlors

Thoughts Shift on Limiting Danville Gaming Parlors

It appears thoughts may be changing regarding the City of Danville’s efforts to prevent small gaming parlors from sprouting around town.  Aldermen have been discussing possibly changing the liquor ordinance regarding the amount of money liquor establishments make from video gaming.  Mayor Rickey Williams Jr. outlined the way things look following a meeting last night of the City Council’s Public Works Committee….

{‘’It sounds like the indication of this committee is that we’re going to move towards having a certain number of gaming licenses, rather than delving into percentages of how much was made from gambling, versus how much was made from other sources.  We’re probably going to be looking at setting up something like the County where there’s a limited number of licenses allowed for gambling across the liquor licenses,’’ said Mayor Williams during an interview with News.}

The Mayor opposes having the parlors sprouting up all over town…

{‘’I think that wouldn’t be productive to have them everywhere all over town.  It’s the same kind of thing as bars or anything else – you want to have an opportunity for people to enjoy it if they want it, but you don’t want it on every corner,’’ added the Mayor.}

The Mayor had earlier introduced a proposal stating that businesses with liquor licenses could not make more than 49-percent of their profits from gaming, but some bar owners warned if that’s the case they may have to close.