Badge, Flag of Fallen Officer Get New Home

Badge, Flag of Fallen Officer Get New Home

The badge once worn by a Danville Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty, and the flag which draped his coffin, have a new home at the Public Safety Building.  Family members of Officer David Farnsworth presented the items to Police Chief Chris Yates Wednesday in the briefing room where officers were about to begin their shift.

[Police Chief Christopher Yates addresses officers and the Farnsworth family Wednesday.]
Louis Farnsworth, David’s brother, had a message for those officers…

‘’Our prayer, and I’m sure many other people are praying for our first responders everyday that God’s hand be over you and protect you when you do your duty.  And God grant you courage and wisdom in each incident you come upon,’’ said Farnsworth as officers looked on.

Display cases containing the badge and flag will be on permanent display in that briefing room where all officers will see them as they head out on patrol.  Chief Yates thanked the Farnsworth family members who delivered them, adding ‘’It is quite humbling.’’

[This photo of David Farnsworth is on display in the lobby of the Public Safety Building in Danville. It has been there for years.]

Officer Farnsworth was fatally beaten when he made what should have been a routine traffic stop.  He died January 27, 1976 after joining the Department almost three years earlier.

[Members of the Farnsworth family gather near the flag (in display case) and badge Wednesday.  You can click on the photos to enlarge them.]