Danville AMBUCS Seek to Upgrade Playground for Everyone

Danville AMBUCS Seek to Upgrade Playground for Everyone

Danville AMBUCS want to upgrade the Playground for Everyone at Winter Park which they say is ‘’beginning to look a little tired.’’  The AMBUCS and City of Danville combined efforts which resulted with the opening of the playground in July of 2001.  ‘’Danville AMBUCS’ passion to provide children and families of all abilities a safe, fun and challenging play space is as strong as it was in 2001,’’ says Bill Fulton, Co-chair of the project for the AMBUCS.

Over the past 18 years over $90-thousand dollars has been spent to update current playground equipment and add new.  But Fulton says more is needed to bring the playground back to its original glory.  So the AMBUCS have kicked off an effort to raise $110-thousand dollars to refresh the playground.

The AMBUCS are seeking gifts from foundations, businesses, community groups and others to raise the money.  Danville AMBUCS have committed $25-thousand dollars to the project and have already received two $10-thousand dollar pledges.  The City of Danville will again partner in providing in-kind services to assist with the makeover.

Those interested in providing support for the project…dubbed AMBUCS Playground for Everyone 2.0……can contact Bill Fulton at (217) 474-2455 or mail your contribution to Danville AMBUCS, PO Box 266, Danville, Illinois 61832.

[The Playground for Everyone at Danville’s Winter Park has allowed children, regardless of their abilities, the opportunity to play at a playground to the highest level of their own ability.]