Fischer Gets Set for Grand Re-Opening!

Fischer Gets Set for Grand Re-Opening!

Years of hard work are paying-off this weekend as Danville’s Fischer Theatre holds its grand re-opening.  Jason Rome, the new Executive Director of the Fischer, says a lot of last minute preparations are underway for Saturday’s opening show featuring ‘The Lettermen’….

{”There’s a lot of people doing a lot of work, working a lot of hours. Volunteers, contractors, you name it. So the community’s really coming together to get this done,” said Rome. ”It’s exciting to watch and actually be a part of it.”}

Rome is excited about Saturday’s show….

[The interior of the Fischer Theatre is in final preparations for Saturday’s big show.  You can click on the photos to enlarge them.]
{”I think it’s going to be great.  If there’s one litmus test for how we think a show is going to do – selling-out is, from my experience, always been a good sign.  So (I’m) incredibly happy about that,” said Rome during an interview with News.

And what does Rome foresee once Saturday’s show is over?

{”You know a lot of brainstorming – to be honest.  And the really cool thing is that everybody has thoughts on that.  There’s a lot of, a lot of emotion, a lot of passion about those kinds of ideas.  My focus right now is getting through Saturday, making sure that’s successful, and essentially being the best volunteer for all the folks who I’m coming in to help – to make sure that’s an incredible success.  And then as we move forward we’ve got some movies planned and things like that, but we’re going to try to hit the ground running once we get Saturday done,” added Rome. Rome says the late Julius W. Hegeler II will be in the thoughts of those involved in Saturday’s show.  Rome says without Hegeler’s help and vision for the Fischer ‘’none of this would have happened anytime soon.’’