Split Vote Returned on Danville Cannabis Dispensary

Split Vote Returned on Danville Cannabis Dispensary

The Danville Area Planning and Zoning Commission voted 3 to 2 last night (Thursday) in favor of recommending a special use permit be approved for a Medicinal/Adult-Use Cannabis Dispensary.   It would be located in a building which previously housed a restaurant at 369 Lynch Drive if the Danville City Council approves.  (The building is shown in the photo.)

Tim Knight, owner of the Sleep Inn Motel, said he is not opposed to it, but does oppose that location….

{‘’I’ve got a $5.5 million dollar business, if not more, that could be affected.  Just move it down farther toward the freeway,’’ said Knight. ‘’Get it out of the hotel area.  Get it out of this man’s business, and my business and the other hotels there.  Where the families come, and they drive up, and they don’t want to stay on that side of the road. Why? Because there’s always a doubt.’’}

Sabrina Noah, Senior Vice President of Cresco Labs of Chicago, says the sales would be closely monitored…

{‘’You enter into that – it’s a controlled area.  You have to turn over your identification.  It is verified using the national program to ensure that it is a valid I-D, so you can’t use a fake I-D, or that your medical card is legitimate,’’ said Noah.  ‘’And that identification is used to ensure that you are at all times complying with the purchase limits that are dictated in the state law.’’}  Smoking cannabis on the site would not be allowed.

The Danville City Council will consider the request for the Special Use Permit when it meets in two weeks.