Duncan Announces He’s Running for Congress

Duncan Announces He’s Running for Congress

A Rossville area farmer who serves as Vermilion County Treasurer has announced he is running for Congress.  Darren Duncan made his announcement on Facebook Saturday.  ‘’For the last two months a group from my part of the world has been urging me to run.  They even had started circulating petitions which showed me the strong feelings in my potential candidacy,’’ said Duncan on Facebook.

Duncan said he was reluctant. ‘’I’m just a farm boy from the middle of the countryside. Congress is a big deal!!!’’…But after much discussion with his wife, Natalie, family and friends and prayer to seek God’s direction, Duncan says he is excited to say he is running full out.

‘’I am excited about the possibilities to serve,’’ Duncan told VermilionCountyFirst.com News.  ‘’I think it could be very meaningful for our community and county especially.’’  And Duncan noted his campaign is in the ‘’very early stages, but I felt I needed to bring my friends up to speed.’’

Duncan was serving on the Vermilion County Board in March of  2017 when he was selected to become the new County Treasurer when Sue Stine retired.  He is running for Congress on the Republican Party ticket.

{The photo of Duncan at left is courtesy of him from his Facebook post.  The other photo was taken by our news department when Duncan discussed his desire to name the new Vermilion County Administration Building after Congressman and former Speaker of The House Joseph ‘Uncle Joe’ Cannon, who was from Danville.}