County Board May Honor Former Long-Time Member

County Board May Honor Former Long-Time Member

A Danville woman who spent many years serving on the Vermilion County Board may receive a special honor.  A resolution renaming the Vermilion County Administration Building Chambers as the Ivadale Foster Vermilion County Chambers will be considered by a county board committee Monday evening (December 16th).

Foster served on many committees before her death, but is particularly known by many for her dedication to what was then the Vermilion Manor Nursing Home.  She was also very active in her church.

The Property Committee of the County Board meets at 5:00 p.m. Monday and will consider a resolution to rename the County Board chambers in her honor.  A petition was received by the County Board office requesting the honor for the former longtime member from District 8.

In order for a county building or portion of a building to be named in someone’s honor petitions bearing at least 500 names must be received.  The person must have devoted at least 20 years of public service to the community or performed such heroic acts in defense of others or their country – such that their name on a public building will add meaning to others in our community and be of a long-lasting significance to the community, according to the county’s policy.

The last time a county owned building was named in someone’s honor was when the Vermilion County Courthouse was named the Rita B. Garman Vermilion County Courthouse.  Justice Garman is still serving on the Illinois Supreme Court and for a while was Chief Justice.  She started her law career in Danville.