Christmas Shopping? – Police Offer Some Tips

Christmas Shopping? – Police Offer Some Tips

The last minute shopping rush is underway, and if you will be out shopping Danville Police are offering some safety tips.  Police Commander Doug Miller told us…

{‘’I would avoid going alone and going late, first and foremost, if you can.  When you are going from A to B keep your car doors locked while you’re in and out of your car,’’ said Miller. ‘’Don’t leave your packages, or your goodies, or your presents up front visible. Lock them in your trunk.  If you’re going to shop at night, park in a well-lit area.  That’s a big thing.  Most parking lots that I’ve seen around here working second shift are pretty well lit.  Try to park close to the door where people can see you, and maybe within camera view (from the store’s security system).’’

And Commander Miller says women who carry purses need to be careful…

‘’If you do carry a purse keep it around you.  Wrap it around your body. Don’t make it easy for somebody to just snatch it and push you down and run,’’ said Commander Miller. ‘’But if you can just carry a wallet with your card, your driver’s license and a little bit of cash – try to avoid carry large amounts of cash.  You don’t want to be an easy target if that purse is open, and somebody sees it they can just walk by, reach their hand in – grab it and go.  And it may be the next trip or two hours later before you realize its gone.’’}

Commander Miller also says parents taking children with them to shop should tell those children to stay close to them.  And he says children should not go to a store bathroom by themselves.  If a child gets separated from a parent the child should know to go to a store employee to get help.