Radio Still Strong Heading Into 2020

Radio Still Strong Heading Into 2020

As the new decade begins, thousands of area residents continue to tune to radio to get updated on what is happening both locally and around the world.  And Mike Hulvey, Chief Operating Officer of Neuhoff Media, notes radio is now anything where people can receive a signal or be connected to the internet.

Hulvey talked about changes in radio on WDAN Radio’s Newsmakers program Thursday….

{‘’The tablet that you may play games on, or check the internet, is a radio. My mom plays solitaire on her tablet. She listens to radio broadcasts on that,’’ said Hulvey. ‘’Your desktop obviously is a (radio) – so the term radio has evolved to where it’s not a thing – it’s what comes from it.’’}

Hulvey noted there has been disruption in the media business locally, as a lot of folks are aware, but Hulvey remains confident about the future of Neuhoff’s Danville operations….

{‘’Because when you serve your local community, when you do things that are in the community interest, when you think about your listeners and your community first – then your business will always follow.  And your business will be successful, and your business will be supported,’’ added Hulvey.}

Hulvey noted on the show that ”the challenge is that the demand for what we do has never been greater” as citizens seek information. And nationally he is working on ways to get more young people interested in broadcasting.

Hulvey says he still likes the fact that people who leave the Danville area – even if just to spend the winter in Florida – can still listen to Neuhoff’s three Danville radio stations or follow what is happening in the area on  Neuhoff Family Broadcasting owns WDNL 102.1 fm, WDAN 1490 am, and WRHK 94.9 fm K-Rock Radio in Danville and  All total the company owns 22 radio stations in Danville, Bloomington, Decatur and Springfield, Illinois and Lafayette, Indiana.

Hulvey and Beth Neuhoff, the Chief Executive Officer of Neuhoff Family Broadcasting, are both very active in the radio industry nationwide.  Mrs. Neuhoff sits on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Broadcasters, and Hulvey is the incoming Chair of the Radio Advertising Bureau.