Aqua: Lake Vermilion Dam Not For Flood Control

Aqua: Lake Vermilion Dam Not For Flood Control

With the National Weather Service calling for heavy rain in the Danville area, the local Production Manager for Aqua America, Inc. reminds the public that the Lake Vermilion dam is not for flood control.

David Cronk talked about it during an interview with News….

{‘’The practice of the dam is we let out what comes in. What is coming in at the north end of the lake we let out exactly that amount at the other end,’’ said Cronk. ‘’That way the lake level maintains constant level throughout anything,’’ Cronk told News. ‘’The only time that maybe it’ll go low is when we need to let out more water than actually comes in.  But in this event that’s coming in with the heavy rains – whatever comes down the river that feeds into the lake – that’s how much we’re going to let out,’’ added Cronk.}

{Crews work last summer on replacing gates at the Lake Vermilion dam. You can click on the photo to enlarge it.}

Aqua began a project last year to replace the gates at the dam and will continue that work this year.