Spring Term Classes Beginning At DACC

Spring Term Classes Beginning At DACC

It may feel like winter but Spring Term classes are beginning at Danville Area Community College.  DACC President Stephen Nacco will be among those welcoming students to the campus Monday (January 13, 2020)….

{‘’First day’s fun. They’ll throw an ‘Ask Me’ shirt on me and I’ll go hang-out outside the Mary Miller welcoming people, and making sure they can find their class that first day,’’ said Nacco. ‘’And we do that for the first two days. Several faculty and administrators do that, and staff members.’’}

The DACC President notes students will find a lot of improvements on the campus…and more are coming….

{‘’We revamped Nursing. We’ve revamped Mechatronics, Machinists, and we have all new CNC machines, we have new simulation equipment for our Nursing – and things like that,’’ said Nacco. ‘’All of that is now available for students, and the demand – we can’t possibly satisfy the need,’’ he added.}

Nacco also reminds high school students they have many doors open to them through the college’s dual enrollment program…

{‘’Don’t get fooled by things like Advanced Placement where you have to take an expensive test that very few people pass.  In Vermilion County you’ll find throughout all of the school districts the opportunity to take dual credit classes. …And you take those credits and you take them anywhere you’re going.  So you have a head start to your university or to your college once you graduate high school.’’}

Last year 11 Vermilion County high students graduated with an Associate’s Degree in college at the same time.  So Nacco notes they were able to leap-frog to become juniors at the four year colleges or universities which they now attend.