Watchfire Signs Workforce to Grow

Watchfire Signs Workforce to Grow

Watchfire Signs says it plans to continue to expand its sales force this year.  During last year the manufacturer of LED signs, digital billboards, and video scoreboards, grew its sales force by 25 percent.

The Danville-based company says in order to meet the growing demand for its products, the company plans to add a number of sales professionals in markets across the nation – starting with Washington DC/Maryland, Wisconsin, and parts of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

‘’These sales positions are perfect for professionals with a couple of years experience in media or signage sales, or with experience building relationships with local business owners,’’ said Candy Underhill, Human Resources Manager at Watchfire Signs.

In addition to sales professionals, Watchfire is looking to hire software engineers to work at its Danville and Champaign offices, and electrical engineers and support staff to be based at the Danville headquarters.

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[The photo is of the new canopy display for The Fremont Street Experience….a Watchfire project….which was unveiled in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve.]