New VA Care Delivery System Begins

New VA Care Delivery System Begins

The Director of the VA Illiana Health Care System, Shawn Bransky, says he is confident a new health care delivery program will have positive impacts here.  Bransky was referring to a contract awarded to Optum Public Sector Solutions, Inc., part of UnitedHealth Group, Inc.

‘’We are confident it will greatly improve care coordination for Veterans here in our area and improve the timeliness of payments to our local community providers,’’ said Director Bransky.

TriWest Health Care Alliance has been managing the VA’s community care network in the area.  It will fully transition responsibility to Optum over the next 30 days.  VA community providers contracted by TriWest will not be automatically enrolled in CCN, so they will be required to sign up with Optum to continue providing services to Veterans under CCN.

The new network serves as the direct link between VA and local health care providers providing a standard contract vehicle for VA to purchase care.  Optum will manage the network and process claims for payment to local providers on behalf of the VA.


[Note:  Information in this story provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and VA Illiana Health Care System.]